Why Do Negative Events Happen to People?

Problems don’t just happen for no reason. It had either been caused by something or someone, or the person themselves caused it. There are many answers to this question and I will address them one by one.

Unseen Forces
Most people don’t realise that their lives are affected by many unseen forces. Just because you can’t see these forces doesn’t mean that they don’t exist and are not influencing your life in ways that you wouldn’t want. That is a very naive way of thinking. Some of these forces are negative and if you don’t identify and neutralise them, your life would always be affected by them in one way or another.

Demons, Ghouls, Evil Spirits, Astral Entities, Negative Aliens
These are some of the forces out there who delight in messing with humans. Some incidences are instigated by black magick practitioners. If you happen not to believe in the existence of these entities, it does not in any way prevent them from affecting you and your life. Your denial and/or ignorance of them is a plus for them because that gives them the freedom to do whatever they like with you.

Most people think that if they were affected by any of the above they would know. That is because they expect it to happen Hollywood-style. I can tell you that the best possessions are those that leave the victim totally unaware. Currently there are thousands and thousands of people around the world who are possessed or hooked onto by reptilians but are totally oblivious to it. There are also millions of people who are currently being affected by demons and their lives messed with. They too are no wiser to it. Astral entities mess with people every night while they are sleeping. Some get possessed by demons while sleeping and wake up oblivious to it.

Hollywood-style possessions, manifestations or disturbances do happen but are not usual. Alien abductions and implantations have been on the increase for years now. This is a more disturbing trend.

Energetic Forces
These are forces that exist in the universe and nature. The negative and positive influences of planets on a person’s life can be understood from vedic astrology. The negative influences of the universe and nature can be understood from the ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui. Though I would seriously caution against consulting from someone who just does it by intuition and channelling. Having seen the results of that kind of nonsense, I can say that such methods would definitely mess up your life rather than help you and I know that there are many out there who can attest to that.

The maturation of one’s karma would be another reason that negative events happen to people. For every cause there is an equal and opposite effect. This is simple physics and it applies to life in the form of karma. Karma is just the law of cause and effect in spiritual terms.

To those who do not believe in karma – if you told me that there was such a thing as gravity and I refused to believe you, would that change anything for me? Would I suddenly start floating into the air and out into space? Would my disbelief and denial of gravity cause it to stop working on me?

In the same way, disbelief in karma or denial of it would change absolutely nothing for you. Its existence and effect on you and your life is never dependent upon your belief of it or lack there of. It would still work on you regardless.

For most people, their denial of karma is because deep down inside they are being controlled by their fear of it. They either refuse to take responsibility for their actions or lack of it, or they subconsciously know that in the past, whether in this life or a previous life, they did things that would eventually come back to bite them. That is karma, what goes around, comes around.

To deny karma is to encourage either a victim’s mentality, “Oh, poor me, look what happened,” or an ostrich mentality, “I am not responsible for this, this is not my fault.” You and you alone are responsible for your life. What happened to you or does not happen, good or bad, are due to your actions, words and attitudes, past and present. You created your present experiences in the past and you are creating what you will experience in the future in the present moment.

Parents and Ancestors
The sins of the parents would be visited upon their children and their children’s children. This is not fiction or myth. It just so happens to be spiritual truth. This is the reason why true mystics, and not the newage pseudo type, are exceptionally careful what they do because they know that if they ever did something wrong, their children and their children’s children would eventually suffer for it.

This is the reason why in the old and ancient days, the people of those times were always taught to pray sincerely to God. It wasn’t just so that they could go to heaven or for their own benefit, but because if they didn’t want their children and their children’s children to suffer the ills of fate and karma, their prayers would help to mitigate some of the suffering that comes naturally and is unavoidable with material life.

Nowadays, in this modern life, people are more ignorant and sceptical, contaminated by negative social programming that seeks to mislead them to eventual spiritual death. They lead soulless lives without ever seeking the Divine Source of their existence. The reason why there is so much suffering in the world today is because most people nowadays don’t pray and it is to their own detriment.

Many people like having their ancestors aka dead relatives (dear granny or grandpa) around. This is not a very good idea. These ancestors should be encouraged to move on and not hang around. Once dead, they no longer belong here. Relatives who died of a disease end up passing that same disease on to the living because they are in too close proximity to the living.

Some people have the mistaken belief that once dead, their ancestors would help them. This is not true. Some ancestors, even though dead still have their own agenda and will try to influence the living and live their lives through the living. If uncle Dick was an ass when he was alive, he will still be an ass in death. The wish to communicate with the dead is of course natural, but should not be encouraged. Like I said before, they are supposed to move on and trying to communicate with them keeps them here, an act detrimental to both parties, the dead and the living.

It is good to occasionally identify whether or not there are ancestors hanging around you who do not have your best interests at heart. I did that once with help from my guidance and discovered such ancestors. I sent them packing. This should be done periodically from time to time, because doing it once isn’t necessarily going to be enough for your whole life. They do tend to come back sometimes.

Intergenerational Entities
These are entities that follow a particular person all their life and when that person passes on, the entity moves on to another person in the same family. These entities almost always affect the people they attach themselves to in negative ways. They are mostly the cause of an entire family all down the generations to suffer from what some people might see as a curse or calamities that always repeat themselves in some form or another in every generation. Most of the time these intergenerational entities are not ancestors, but they can occasionally be.

The most common scenario of intergenerational entities is for revenge. The ghostly stalker wants revenge on the family, attaches themself to the most destructive member, the weakest link and proceeds to wreck havoc. They see the results of their handiwork, enjoys it too much and carries on taking revenge on the family and causing mayhem from generation to generation. That is a lot of hate.

I am very close to the Indian gods and goddesses. Once when I was staying at an ashram in India, an American woman was talking to me and telling me about some problems in her life. As she was talking, a sense came to me. After we had finished our conversation, I went to my room, sat down and asked, “Ok, did she offend one of you?” It turned out that the woman had committed offences towards Ganesh. I later told this to her and suggested that she remedied the problem. Whether she did or not, I never found out.

Now, I know that most people in the West would not believe that one could commit offences towards God or high spiritual beings, most probably because they can’t believe that God or high spiritual beings would take offence in the first place. Wrong!

Once again, this is a situation where your beliefs about it are totally irrelevant. Whether or not you believe, if you have committed an offence to God or any other high spiritual being, it will show in your life. You don’t have to have known about that particular high spiritual being to have committed offences. Most people don’t even know who they committed offences to.

I have only ever once experienced God’s wrath and thank goodness it wasn’t directed at me. God had saved the life of someone dear to me and His reasons for doing so were for me. I told the person to give thanks, but instead the person expressed ungratefulness. I decided to ignore it, but in that moment, I felt a rage come down and fill the room. It was God’s wrath on my behalf for the person’s ungratefulness. Whether or not God chose to consider the person’s ungratefulness an offence towards Him, I chose not to ask, but in the years following I was shown the person’s fate after this life was over and it caused me great grief. I received my answer without asking.

Occult Forces
Unfortunately, in this day and age, I have to include such subjects as occult forces and mind control in an article about negative events happening to people. There are currently evil elements in this world who are using negative occult forces aka black magick to influence everything in the world especially humans.

Take a good look at most of the police forces in America. You would notice that they have become very demonic in their thinking and actions. They have been very deeply affected by negative occult forces and demonic interference. All the darkness within them have been brought to the surface and they are exhibiting it in ways that would dismay any decent sane person. All the perversions of a sadistic bully can be seen in full in their actions and the way they treat people nowadays.

When a crime has been committed, they support the criminal and arrest the victim. When a disabled person needs help, they taser her. When an autistic child is having a temper tantrum, they taser him. You just can’t make it up. One really have to ask, what are they thinking? They definitely aren’t thinking straight because their thoughts have been twisted on purpose by these negative occult forces and therefore, their perception of everything has been turned inside out. This is explained in greater detail below under ‘The Inverted Perversion’.

The Complete Flip
This is a phenomenon that has appeared caused again by occult forces aka black magick. One minute your best friend is kind and supportive, the next minute they turn on you and become the person from hell. They rain venom down on you and become spiteful, vicious and mean. They say and do everything to hurt you. They become enemy number one.

This flip is permanent and the person is unaware of it. If you pointed it out to them, they would never believe you. They would believe that they are right and that’s it, end of discussion. The affected person would never be able to get out of it by themselves unless there was outside intervention.

This occult force is currently circulating and it will hook onto those who have such darkness - jealousy, spite, viciousness, meanness - inside of them. So, in a way it is very revelatory. Most people like to believe themselves to be good. In truth, our human standards of good are very low. So what they would like to believe of themselves may not match up to the reality of themselves within.

The Inverted Perversion
The same evil elements in the world are inverting everything through occult means. If you have not been asleep under a rock somewhere, you would have noticed that in recent years, everything that was considered good in the past is now considered bad, and everything that was bad is now considered good.

These negative occult forces aka black magick are twisting people’s thinking and perceptions, completely perverting everything that is good. It is another form of mind control. The problem with this is that very few are aware of it happening, and certainly not those who are affected. They would just think that their thoughts and feelings are their own.

I have noticed that the police forces have been most affected by this. It is most probably because they are the first authority people would call in an emergency and so the evil elements had to mind control them.

Mind Control
Electronic mind control either through devices or the media, is very common nowadays. It is certainly obvious in some cases of ‘crime’ and ‘incidences’. I am aware that some mind control not only project thoughts into people’s minds but some of them involve behavioural control as well. Demonic and astral interference also involve mind control and behavioural control.

As you can see, there are many reasons why negative events happen to people. True spiritual knowledge is becoming a premium, but people must make the effort to seek them out and educate themselves. In this material world, due to ignorance, people tend to put greater emphasis on the wrong things and ignore the important. Material knowledge is lauded but spiritual knowledge is ignored and brushed aside. This is a sign of the foolishness of the age.

I deplore those who try to blame God for every hitch in their life or when a disaster happens. Blaming God is the coward’s way out. You and not God are living this life. If disasters happen and there is poverty, torture, starvation and cruelty in this world, don’t ask why God let it happen. Look in the mirror and ask yourself that question. Take responsibility for yourself, your life and this world you live in.