The Sins of the Parents are Visited Upon Their Children

Part 1: Karma

Part 2
The sins of the parents are visited upon their children. This is spiritual law. Once again, it operates on everyone independent of whether you believe in it or not.

This law states that the karmic consequences of all your parent’s sins will fall on you, your children, your children’s children and so on down the line. Don’t get me wrong. They will still have to suffer the karma of their own actions, in this life or the next, but unfortunately the children get it as well.

Of course, according to this law your own sins will also fall on your children and their children down the line. So, can you see how karma accumulates in a family line? Can you see that since everyone has a father and a mother, the accumulation of karmic consequences on the generations are many and heavy? The family line didn’t just start with your parents or grandparents. We are talking about going all the way back since there were humans.

This is about the consequences of everyone’s actions and shouldering that responsibility. This is why you sometimes see families suffer what is known as generational curses down the generations or rich families slowly becoming poorer down the generations until they reach rock bottom. I have seen this in action in many families. All it takes are the actions of one person in one generation to bring the whole house down. On the other hand, it can also take only one person to put a stop to this karmic train wreck by living a deep spiritual life.

When a person lives a deep and true spiritual life, the spiritual ripples goes back 7 generations from that person and goes forward 7 generations. The consequences of this spiritual life on the 7 generations back and forwards depends on the authenticity and strength of the spirituality of that person.

Back in 1995, I did a vision quest according to the American Indian tradition, 4 days and 4 nights. I connected with my ancestors and spoke to them. My ancestors told me they were in pain. They needed relieve and that relieve depended on my living a spiritual life. They also told me that an ancestor, several generations back, when he was alive had a vision of me. He saw that I would save the family line.

I don’t have children and have no intention of having any, but all around me, my relatives have children, grand-children and great grand-children. What I do with my life will affect them all and 7 generations down. This is what part of being interconnected means. Our karma connects us together.

Due to lack of knowledge, people do not know their actions have karmic consequences on their children. If people were more aware of this, they wouldn’t do what they do nowadays. This used to be common knowledge back in the very old days but not anymore.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in sin, God or His laws because they’re existence is, once again, not dependent on your beliefs or lack thereof. They exist and everyone in this world has sinned and will have to answer for them. That is karma. The actions of your ancestors are even now affecting your life and your children’s lives. Your actions will affect the lives of those after you. It is the universe’s way of making you responsible for your actions, because when you know it is not only going to affect you but your children too, it may hopefully help to temper your foolish actions.

Do you love your children? If you do, then you need to pay attention to this and redeem yourself and thus save the lives of your children and grand-children in part.

There are many people who don’t care what happens to themselves, but when it involves their children, that is a whole different story. On the other hand, there are actually some people in this world who don’t give a shit either way and think that their children can deal with whatever they get. Karma has a sense of humour and an irony that maybe only I can appreciate. Such people will find themselves being reincarnated as their own grandchild or great grandchild and their own karma will fall on them trice over.

This karmic law can only be mitigated by a true, honest and sincere spiritual life with God. I am not referring to being religious. I am not religious, but I have a deep spiritual life and relationship with God.

You need to be more aware of how important karma and God is for everyone. It is not just for spiritual people. It is for everyone. Ignorance doesn’t absolve you. You need to know because it affects you, your family and your life. To be ignorant of something so important that affects every stage of your life is criminal. Ignorance is not bliss here. It results in suffering, misconceptions, misperceptions, and ultimately the blame game, the victim mentality.

Part 3: Don’t Turn Your Back on God