People With Involuntary Visions

There are certain people in this world who have what I call involuntary visions. Which means to say that they cannot control when, where and what they see. When it comes, it comes and they see whatever they are shown. They were born with this psychic ability.

What they see are usually situations, events and circumstances that will happen to someone they know or total strangers. For people they know, it is easy to observe in real time when those events actually do happen to their friends or family. Sometimes these involuntary visions come with the knowledge of when the event will happen, mostly not.

The problem starts when they see events that are going to happen for total strangers. They have no idea when it is going to happen or where, and most of all, they have no idea who that person is. In most cases, these visions show negative events.

There are many people who have these involuntary visions, but they find them hard to handle because of the negative events they see and they feel helpless to do anything about them. They try to suppress them, deny, resist and fight them.

I want these people to know that you can do something about these visions. You were and are being given these visions for a reason. To deny or suppress them is not the way to go. You are denying your most essential reason for being. It was given to you by God for a reason.

Many who have these involuntary visions do not see this ability as a gift. That is mostly because they don’t know what to do with the visions and they are frustrated. Sometimes the visions are so negative that it frightens them.

This gift is not really an ability that can be controlled as such but more of a calling. You are being told to do something about what you have been shown. They are not for amusement or to drive you crazy. It is a Divine Directive.

Your visions are vital in the lives of those strangers. You can make a difference. What you do or don’t do with those visions will impact their lives negatively or positively.

There is a reason, time and place for everything in the universe and in life. So therefore, there is a reason for you having these visions - to effect change for the greater good, and for the highest good of all concerned.

The Divine Directive
You may or may not have heard the term ‘prayer warrior’. That is someone who prays very hard for other people’s problems. I am a prayer warrior and I have been for the last 20 years.

When you are given these involuntary visions, the Divine Directive is - pray for those strangers that you see in your visions so that those negative events do not befall them. You do not need to know their names or who they are, or where they are or when it’s going to happen. Just hold what you saw in your mind and pray. That is all you have to do. Pray with all the might of your sincere heart. Pray.

You may never find out what the end result was. It is not for you to know but for God to decide. You may never get a vision showing you what happened in the end but you must still carry on praying for others.

If, in the event that you do know what disaster you were praying about and it still happens, that does not mean that your prayers failed. Maybe the events still had to happen, but the people you were praying for didn’t die because they were not so hurt than if you had never prayed.

This is a calling. There is no other way to put it. The visions will never go away, so you might as well embrace your calling.

Why me?
The main factor would be your karma, a good one. All other factors are dependent upon what the individual needs to learn within their own evolution, but I can tell you that it has everything to do with the following.

letting go
spiritual evolution
character development

In today’s society, most people are very selfish. They only think about themselves and their own needs. Now you are being shown in these involuntary visions people who will get into serious trouble unless something is done for them. All of a sudden, you have to stop being selfish and start being selfless, to think of others and put them first. The world is bigger than that little life you are living now. There are more important and serious things happening out there than your own over-blown concerns.

If you were shown a vision of someone having a car accident and losing a limb, you can’t be thinking, “Well, I can’t pray for him now, I want to watch my movie,” or go to a football game, or go on a date, or have to cook dinner, or just too tired to do it right now.

By the time you are done with your own concerns it may be too late for that other person. The accident has already happened and they have lost a limb. Events do not wait for you to finish being selfish before it happens.

This calling will teach you a whole different level of responsibility and selflessness. You will grow up fast and it doesn’t matter what your age is, 20 years or 80, you will learn a level of responsibility and selflessness you never thought possible.

In being a prayer warrior you have to pray to something or someone. You can’t pray to nothing. So if you tell me you aren’t religious or spiritual (the two are not the same), or that you don’t believe in God, tough luck, because God believes in you, or else He wouldn’t be giving you those visions. No matter what your beliefs are or lack thereof, I can guarantee you these visions come from God Himself.

If you protest, “Who am I to be given these visions? Who am I to influence the life of a stranger or take responsibility for this?”

It is a joint responsibility shared between you and God, but you have to initiate the process of helping the strangers first by saying the prayers. This is where the higher level of responsibility kicks in. After the prayers are said by you, then God will do whatever He feels necessary to complete the process and/or resolve the situation.

So, this isn’t so much about the question of “who am I to…?” and more about those strangers who need help. You are being asked to do a service for the greater good of all concerned. The main focus has to be those people who are in trouble. It’s not about you.

Many of you who have been to India, stayed in Indian ashrams or read the books of great Indian spiritual masters know that many of them teach doing service to humanity, seva, as a way of spiritual development. This is your service to humanity.

If you argue, “If this is a calling, then surely I have the right to say yes or no.” The diplomatic, politically correct, don’t want to offend answer is yes. You can walk away or embrace it.

The true answer is no.

You can walk away but the visions won’t. They will keep following you, until one day you will be so raked with guilt about what you didn’t do to save those people. Trust me when I say that you do not want that guilt. Conscience has a nasty habit of popping up when it is least wanted. If you walk away, what will happen to all those people that you could have helped or saved? What you saw in those visions will still happen. Only your prayers stand between them.

I am pointing out the obvious and stating the facts, helping you to think more deeply. You also need to consider the following.

An Example
There are more than 7 billion people on this planet. What is so special about these particular strangers you see in your visions? Why them? Why help them especially? Here is a long example.

You have a vision about a stranger, let’s call him Alan. In the vision he has an accident on his way to university. This is where your vision ends. I will carry on telling you the rest of the story that you will never know or see.

Alan missed his exams. Due to the accident, his right arm is hurt and can’t function normally so he can’t become the surgeon that he was meant to be. He takes another job but is bitter and angry at fate. His bitterness affects all those around him. Later on in life, he has children. His son becomes interested in being a doctor. Due to his own bitterness, Alan speaks out against it. Out of love for his father, the son changes his mind and chooses a different profession.

Later on, the son marries and has a child. The boy develops a problem that needs surgery. Something goes wrong in surgery and the boy suffers brain damage. The boy has a younger sister. She helps her mother take care of her brother.

Her parents die in a car accident when she is 17 years. She is left to care for her brother. Her grandfather is not much help. She initially wanted to go to university to study. She had big plans but the death of her parents changed all that. She ditched her plans to care for her brother and did not pursue her dreams.

This girl is the reason why you had the vision, three generations before. This girl is the reason why you had to pray that her grandfather didn’t have an accident. If he hadn’t had the accident, he would have been a surgeon. He would have operated on his own grandson and this girl would have grown up to pursue her dream of creating the first free energy floating city in space.

By not being able to pursue her dreams, all the floating cities she could have helped humanity build never materialised. Earth is too crowded. People are fighting for food and water. Resources are scarce. Wars will start over water and food. Millions will die including your own grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

All this could have been avoided because of one person who was too lazy to pray or didn’t have the courage to embrace his or her path.

Here is a question you need to ask yourself. What are you going to do if and when you have a vision of something negative that will happen to your loved ones? Are you just going to pray only for your loved ones and not for others?

What does that say about you as a person?

Visions of negative things happening to loved ones are gifts. They are given to you as a thank you present for services rendered to those strangers. Don’t abuse the gift. For those who have never prayed for any strangers, the gift is like a carrot in hopes that it will dawn on you to pray for the strangers too.

Spiritual Development
I am sure you can see my point when I say that this path is indeed an act of faith, trust, character development and spiritual evolution. Do you believe in yourself enough to know that no matter what, your prayers will be heard and action taken upon it? If you are pure and sincere in your prayers and in your intent, then all will be well. True, you may never know the outcome but that is where letting go of the need to want to know comes in. Learning to let go of that control.

For anyone who have these kinds of visions, character development and therefore your spiritual development are central to you. You are being challenged to overcome personal tendencies of selfishness, to develop greater compassion, inner strength, to understand and accept a higher level of responsibility, to know that we are indeed one because what will or will not happen to these strangers will affect you and the rest of the world.

Have you ever wondered why most people’s prayers are never answered? It’s mostly because they pray for one thing with their mouth but in their heart, something else is going on, and in their minds a third thing is happening. They are split three ways, so it’s no wonder that nothing happens. There is no sincerity or they are praying for something that is not theirs to have.

A second reason for prayers not being answered is lack of purity. There are certain individuals in this world, call them sages or mystics, shamans or genuine spiritual masters. Whatever or whenever they pray, they are sure to get what they asked for. People will go to them to ask them for help with problems and resolution happens most of the time.

These individuals have developed so much spiritually that they have become pure. Other reasons are also because they have proven themselves to God and therefore He listens to them. This is a very deep subject that I can’t get into here.

The path of a prayer warrior is definitely a spiritual path. It will force you on every level to reassess your relationship or lack thereof with God. If you don’t believe in a Divine Source, then you will have to ask yourself why, and no lame excuses please. If your answer is, “I just don’t,” or “I don’t know why,” that is not an answer. That is just laziness. Dig deeper. If you can’t be honest with yourself, then who can you be honest with? No one!

It is a path where you will learn much about yourself. You will see both the positive and negative sides of yourself. Especially the negative, your selfishness, your blocks, your character weaknesses, your dark side, your lack of love, lack of compassion, your unwillingness, your resistance and everything else you can think of and then some.

This path will challenge you to heal all the above inner problems, to become a better person and to grow spiritually.

It is a selfless path. It is definitely not an easy path. It can be a real struggle. It will challenge you no end and demand many sacrifices.

If you embrace this path sincerely, your visions may even change, or not. You never know. Maybe you will be shown the end result of just one case. Maybe you will get more visions, maybe less. Maybe their content will change. You will never know unless you really and sincerely give it a go.

What this path would truly mean to you cannot be revealed until years and years later. You have to walk it and live it to its fullest extent in order to know. That is the lesson and that is how it works. There are no shortcuts. But if you embrace this path, you will have the chance to reach the highest spiritual potential that you are capable of in this lifetime, and that is a very good thing.