Karma is as controversial as the subject of God. There are as many reactions to it as people, but these are some of the most common.

1. Many fight karma in the same way they fight God.
2. Some just stick their head in the sand and deny it. They don't want to deal with it.
3. Others don't understand it, plain and simple.
4. Then you have those who think that if they don't believe in karma it won't affect them. Good luck to that one.

To be honest, karma is not a mystery. Everyone knows what you say and do, good or bad generates karma. The part they tend to forget or don't know about is that what you don't say and do also generates karma.

The universe has not been purposely stacked against you. It's about consequences of actions done or not done. Karma is the law of the universe. You can't escape it no matter how hard you try, how much you deny its existence, how much you refuse to believe it and how much you fight it.

Karma is the consequences of your actions. If there were no consequences for anyone's actions, then everyone can pretty much do anything they want and there would be chaos. The universal law of justice is self-explanatory. Karma is justice in action.

Those who think that if they don't believe in karma it won't affect them.
This is of course, a form of deep denial. Karma is neutral. It is fair and it doesn’t give a fig who you are. All are treated equally. It's like gravity. It will still work on you irrespective of your beliefs. It's existence is not dependent upon your believe in it or lack thereof.

Many fight karma in the same way they fight God.
I will state the obvious. You can’t win. Just don’t do what you know you shouldn’t. The problem is, people want to do what they shouldn’t.

Atheists and those who have turned their backs on God, say they have a reason. Bad childhood, bad experiences, bad everything. So they blame God and reject Him. It’s easy isn’t it to just blame someone else for your misfortunes? What you have failed to remember is that it is not His life but your life that you are living. You are responsible for your own life and your actions. If you had a bad childhood and you suffered, did you stop to think deeply enough, as an adult, that it may be your karma at work? Karma from previous lives maturing in this life.

A child cannot have had time enough to do anything too bad in this life to suffer unhappy circumstances or ill health. The karma came from their past lives. I always get the argument from people that they could not have done bad things in their past lives to merit something so bad happening in this life, because they just wouldn’t do bad things in the first place. That is a misperception based on incomplete or zero knowledge.

First of all, you were not you in your past life. It was a totally different you with a totally different personality and character. Your values, attitudes, thinking and upbringing would have been totally different. Your circumstances would have been so different from your present life, you could not even imagine it. You might also not have been the same gender or race. In short, it was a totally different person in each of your past lives, doing totally different things, living totally different lives. Why do you think there are so many different people in this world? From kings to prostitutes and beggars, everyone has karma from their past lives.

Some people have thoughts like, “Why couldn’t I have been born into a rich, privileged family? What did they ever do to deserve that? They don’t deserve it. He/she is such an ass.” Karma, karma, karma.

As a child you can blame God for all your unhappiness, but as an adult you no longer have that option. You are supposed to rethink your blame and rejection of God made as a child or teenager. Everyone I have ever spoken to about their beef with karma and God have always harboured misconceptions due to lack of knowledge of the truth of karma and God.

Perception is key. Even if you don’t have that knowledge, you can change your perceptions. First, by taking responsibility for your life and second, stop the blame game. You are not a victim. Karma can be changed. It’s how to change it that generally sticks in people’s throat. You have to learn to trust and love God, surrender to Him and follow a spiritual life. There are no other options.

I once had a dream that showed me I had 250 karmic consequences against me. That is 250 negative thoughts, words and actions I had done in my life up to that point. I was 38 years old and it was all wiped clean because I chose to take responsibility for my life, surrendered to God and led a spiritual life.

Praying for the world’s problems, generally and specifically, also helps to change your karma, but you have to pray to someone right? You can’t pray to nothing, so that brings us back to God again.

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