Can All Problems Be Resolved?

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that all problems in life can be resolved. I have proven it to myself in my own life. In the lives of others, there are certain factors that come into play to prevent resolution in some cases. It doesn’t happen so often. These are karma and/or a lack of spiritual development.

Once, I was told to walk away from a case because of the person’s karma. They had to go through what they were experiencing without interference. All of this is not because of a lack of compassion on the part of the spiritual beings, far from it. They just cannot violate some karma. Of course, if a person were suffering through the predicament, he or she would not agree.

Spiritual development is the main key to changing a person’s karma. What does spiritual development really mean? It involves three main issues.

1. healing all your inner problems - mental, emotional, material, spiritual and psychic
2. developing your character
3. living a spiritual life with God

Many years ago, I had a spiritual revelation that showed me that everything in life boils down to character. It all begins and ends with character. Great personalities like Buddha and Mother Theresa were great not just for what they did or taught, but they were great because of their character. In the end, it is the person’s character that leaves the biggest impression.

In the old days, people were conscious about developing their virtues and qualities. That wasn’t being old-fashioned, that was being wise. Failure or success in developing these virtues and qualities is what will make you or break you.

Our present human idea of a good person is of a very low standard. What God and Upstairs (spiritual guides) consider a good person is the human idea of a Buddha and what They consider a Buddha, humans have no comparison. These are the true Divine standards of the universe and if you want to reach such standards, you need to deal with yourself, all your inner problems and all your character failings.

I have seen countless people who claim that they want to improve, but they haven’t got the will power or the strength of commitment to do the hard work. Spiritual life is not easy. It is actually very hard work, a lot harder than material life because it demands of you what most people are not willing to give.

True spiritual development and progress can do much to change a person’s original karma. It can even prevent illnesses, diseases and accidents that were meant to happen. I was supposed to get a brain tumour many years ago. I did have one but I refused to go to the hospital to have it seen to. So, in the end after a few years, divine intervention decided to remove it for me. The story is in my book ‘Global Intervention’.

If the person’s spiritual development and progress was great, it can totally alter the course of one’s destiny and eliminate the original karma completely. If the spiritual progress was even greater, the person would step out beyond karma while still in a physical body.

So, if there is one thing I am very sure about, it is that all problems can be resolved, but it is up to you to look to your spiritual development.