Black Magick

Black magick exists. That is a fact. It can be performed in many ways, in rituals, prayer, singing and mentally. Ritual black magick from the occult, witchcraft (I am not referring to Wicca, unless the person is doing something unethical, then it would fall into the realms of black magick) and other native sources and traditions are common.

Prayer in itself is harmless, necessary for your spiritual life and good, but done with ill intentions is black magick. Some Australian Aboriginals can sing a man to death. As for mental black magick, well….almost the entire population of this Earth is doing it through their negative thoughts of others, especially if very strong emotions are involved.

Some people think that black magick can’t affect them if they don’t believe in it. They are labouring under an illusion. If a person hated you, their very strong emotions coupled with hateful thoughts about you would be black magick being directed at you. You would definitely be affected by it even though you may not be aware of it.

I won’t be specific here, but there are thousands of Western men who are currently living under black magick influences because they were foolish enough to seek out their base desires in a certain country. Even if they were not there to satisfy their baseness, some of the women would still target them. The colour of their skin alone would make them ripe for the picking! If you even suggested that they were under the influence of black magick, chances are they would scoff at the very idea.

The evil elements in this world are using black magick to pervert everything that is good in this world, to twist, invert and negatively influence people’s thinking and perceptions. It's a kind of mind control and brain washing. Whether or not you believed in black magick, or are ignorant about it, its existence and effectiveness is not dependant on your beliefs or lack of it. If someone wanted to do something to you, whatever your beliefs you would still be affected.

In some cultures, it is common to use black magick against one another. This is unfortunate because the vicious cycle never stops. They keep throwing black magick at one another and the more they do it, the worst things get. Some even go so far as to commit murder using black magick. This way of thinking has never solved anything.

If you thought or knew that you had such a problem and sought help from someone, most people out there would remedy the situation by sending back the black magick. First of all, I would like to point out that if the client allowed that to happen, they would be karmically responsible for whatever negative thing that happened to the intended target. Claiming ignorance of the actions of the person you sought help from is not an excuse.

The intended target may have been the perpetrator in the first place, but that does not give you or anyone else the right to return the black magick. If you did that, you are no better than the perpetrator and I can definitely tell you that the karmic repercussions on you won’t be funny.

You do not want the problem to keep going back and forth endlessly until someone is badly hurt or dies. In handling such problems for my clients, my principles have always been very firm and ethical. I don’t send anything back, no matter what it may be, black magick or demons. If it was black magick, I would just neutralised it. If it was demons, I would exorcise it.

Some people have asked that if I just neutralised the black magick, what would stop the perpetrator from continuing to send black magick to my client? Nothing, but at least by refusing to send anything back, you are not feeding the destructive cycle. Of course, I wouldn’t just leave the problem at that. There are many other ethical ways that follow spiritual law to prevent further attacks. There are ways to put a stop to such nonsense permanently.

I had a case many years ago where I was protecting a woman and her child from her ex-husband. He got wind of what I was doing and started to attack me. To make a long story short, I sent him a dream message via my guidance telling him to stop attacking me and leave his ex-wife alone, and I would not bother him. He got the message and stopped, but his thirst for revenge got the better of him.

He waited one year, thinking that I would have forgotten everything by then. He did not count on Upstairs, my guidance, being my watchers. They warned me in dreamtime and showed me what he was planning. I saw a newspaper headline saying that an incident was second degree murder. He had already figured out that he couldn’t touch me, so he planned to murder someone close to me using occult means.

I had already taught my friend, his intended target, how to protect himself in case of trouble. After warning my friend in the morning about the impending attack, that very night, my friend felt a very strong malevolent presence in his room. He protected himself using the method I taught him, an exorcism formula, and after 10-15 minutes, dashed out of the room. We never heard from the man again. The exorcism formula I taught my friend ensured that he would never want to try again. Ever.

The exorcism formula is actually a very powerful prayer exorcism crafted by my guidance and God to deal with anything. I have used it for years not only on myself but for everything else including healing. So it is perfectly safe.