A Cherokee Proverb, Part 2

Part 1: Western Men Looking for Asian Women, Part 1

Part 2

Cherokee proverb:

“A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul,
so as to unite him with Source;
her lowest calling is to seduce,
separating man from soul
and leave him aimlessly wandering.

A man’s highest calling is to protect woman,
so she is free to walk the earth unharmed.
His lowest calling is to ambush
and force his way into the life of a woman.”

This Cherokee proverb encapsulates most of what I felt, but could never quite put into words. For years I could sense something terribly wrong between men and women, but I just could not put my finger on it. There is so much conflict and most relationships exist for all the wrong reasons.

This proverb made me realise that what I was sensing was the abuse and tearing apart of the highest state between men and women. I was comparing present circumstances of men and women today to the highest concept of purity between men and women, and naturally, the comparison could not stand.

Due to my spiritual path and the influences of God and my guidance, I absorbed, sometimes through subconscious osmosis, the highest concepts of purity in life and the relationship between men and women was one of them. This Cherokee proverb helps to encapsulate it.

“A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul,
so as to unite him with Source.”

I seriously doubt that any woman today understands this at all, much less know how to do it and it is the men who have suffered for it, little do they know.

The power behind the throne is always a woman. She alone can make you or break you, as many men have discovered. The throne may look impressive, but the real substance is the power behind it and how it is used.

A good woman is someone who understands you even when you do not understand yourself. She supports you in your ventures and helps direct you to the pinnacle of whatever you are trying to achieve. If you stumble, lose confidence and become unsure, she picks you up, gives you a pep talk, advises you, expresses her love and confidence in you, and sends you on your way.

A good woman always supports you and holds you up in anyway she can. Obviously, you would do the same for her. In this way, you support each other. You become each other’s backbone and strength.

A woman who talks down to you and about you does not respect you. If this happens, you have two choices, walk away or find out why. If she did respect you during the early part of your relationship, what happened to change that? Find the answer and correct the mistake. The cause could lie with you or with her, or both of you. Either way, rectify it.

A spiritual and good woman (they are not mutually exclusive) would help you find your true self by helping you discover yourself, by leading you to it, by showing you what you really are. They would encourage your spiritual aspirations, if not propel it, by creating circumstances to bolster it. They would open up new spiritual vistas for your observation and learning. It becomes a revelation. You see more than you have ever seen and you know more than you have ever known. In the end, you achieve more with her by your side than you could possibly have imagined on your own. You have the possibility of touching the Divine, but only because of her.

A True Spiritual woman would be the spiritual and material anchor in your life. She would be the caretaker and the guardian, occasionally swinging the sword to cut away the rot. Such women are few and far between, maybe even rare. If they are to be found and they have a spiritual career ministering to the masses, chances are they would not be interested in a man anyway. If they were open to having a partner, most of the time that man would have to be her spiritual equal. If the man is not her spiritual equal, then he would have to be very supportive, open and willing to help her in any way that is within his power to do so.

The man may bring in the bacon and in this day and age, the woman may be working too, but it is the woman who holds the household and the family together. She is the true caretaker. She alone directs all the family members in the right direction. The man provides the foundations, protection and elevation of the family, and the woman gives structure, movement and shape. She moulds it all into one cohesive harmony that benefits the man, herself and the family. If the woman fails in this respect, then chaos ensues and the family falls apart.

It is a gentle interaction of yin and yang. The man cannot stand by himself and hope to survive and neither can the woman. That is what modern men and women are trying to do and for this reason today they are so messed up. They are trying to subvert the natural order of yin yang and only chaos and tears can come from it.

When the woman tries to become yang and the man is forced to become yin, they go against nature and their inherent propensities. This makes everyone miserable. That is why men and women today are so conflicted and no longer know what they want in a partner or relationship. Men no longer know how to be real men and women no longer know what it means to be real women. Women are trying to become what they are not, men and that forces men into a more feminine role, and that will never work.

Yin creates Yang and Yang activates Yin. The woman makes the man and the man motivates her into action, and she carries on supporting him, and so the cycle goes round. They cannot take the other’s role. It does not come naturally to them. Sure they can do it to some extent, but the natural order becomes unbalanced because the players are not carrying out their main roles. If the clouds try to become the sun, forcing the sun to try and carry out the clouds function, all of nature will perish.

“her lowest calling is to seduce,
separating man from soul
and leave him aimlessly wandering.”

When a woman uses her sex to seduce, she is lost, as most women are today. By doing that it shows that she has neither dignity, self-respect nor self-worth even though she thinks she does. If the man decides to take it just because it was waved in front of him, he is frankly no better.

If a woman strips naked in front of a man offering herself, he should cover her up and say no. That kind of man has the strength of soul to say no, a noble and honourable man, but unfortunately such men are a rare breed. Most men today think that if a woman offers, they should take it. “Why not?” they say, “It is being given freely,” but at what cost? In the end, it will only corrupt your soul. No wonder it is so hard nowadays to have respect for either men or women.

On the internet, you can now find pictures of women twerking. Both men and women think it’s ok and sexy to expose their ass-slit to the world. What is so sexy about it, except to show that they are nothing more than whores. These are the lowest kind of women. It is beyond disgusting.

Seducing does not have to mean sex. This is seducing as well and it is totally unacceptable. No morally respectable man or woman would consider this acceptable behaviour.

Pictures like these and worst are all over the internet. They are soft porn dressed up as acceptable, sexy and normal. It is no wonder that many men now look upon women as nothing but sex objects to be used and thrown away. They have lost all respect for women and I can see why. Can you? If you cannot, then you are definitely in trouble. The answer is either yes or no. There are no if’s, but’s or maybe’s.

I stayed in an ashram once and saw how a woman could have so little care or consideration for the man’s spiritual efforts. All the woman could think about was that she wanted him and to hell with anything else. I understand why in the old days and even today, certain religious establishments refuse to have women around. This is why. Most women do not have enough sense to exercise self-control and when they want to seduce a man, that is all they can think about. Women are poison to a man’s spiritual efforts.

A young Indian man I knew was personal assistant to his spiritual master. It was a coveted position. Along came a Western woman who was bent on seducing him. She became pregnant and the young man had no choice but to leave his post and return with the woman to her country. She destroyed his spiritual career out of selfishness, but I am sure she was not of the same opinion. Loose morals and all.

Men cannot be led by their sexual lust. Seducing a man awakens his base instincts. It is their weakest link. Countless men have fallen due to sex. If his self-control is lacking, it is up to the woman to take the high road and not seduce him. It is for the good of both, but alas, such noble thoughts are now extinct.

When a man gives in to his sexual lust, it controls him and he looses all sense. If he carries on unabated, he eventually looses himself and all that was good about himself and his life. He looses masculine and spiritual power. Many men who have given up on women turn to porn. That is frankly the worst possible solution. It degrades their soul, their very being and corrupts them spiritually.

Why is it women find it so easy to open their legs to just about any man who walks by? Now women think it is sexy to show the world their ass-slit just because a singer decided to do it on stage. Where is your self-respect? None whatsoever! This just goes to show how little sense most women have.

It is no wonder that the spiritual masters of old were of the opinion that women had little intelligence and needed to be guided at every step. In this regard, I can now only agree, something that I could not understand before.

In the symbol of yin and yang, the yin/female is the black half with the white spot. When yin becomes unbalanced everything turns dark, unfocused and cold. Woman is no longer soft, yielding and loving. She becomes sinister, treacherous and negative in every aspect. She treats others coldly, with disdain, disrespectful of others. She steps on you like you are so much dirt. Her mind becomes unfocused and diffused. It flies everywhere. What she may think is correct is actually distorted. It becomes a mental imbalance, but unrecognised.

The white spot within is her only salvation. If it was nurtured and slowly brought forth, her mind and thinking corrected, all imbalances addressed, then it can shine like a beacon on a storm tossed night. This can only happen if proper guidance was given and accepted.

What I have written in this section about women will not please many. They will not see the truth of this, but there will be just as many whose mind is balanced and will know it as true of today’s women.

“A man’s highest calling is to protect woman,
so she is free to walk the earth unharmed.”

A man takes pride in providing for his family and protecting them, knowing that there is no want and no tears. It is man’s natural propensity to do this. He takes care of his family like a lion its pride. When he is unable to do so, he becomes miserable, angry, humiliated and frustrated. When a woman exploits this, or fails to give support, encouragement and understanding, she should be ashamed of herself.

In today’s world, women also work. Some earn a lot, but they are conflicted in their actions and their wants, like wanting the men to provide for them even though they claim female emancipation. That is their deep natural instincts coming to the fore. They themselves are unaware of that and so both sides become confused and conflict ensues. This is the result of men and women’s roles being reversed and turned inside out. One trying to become the other and vice versa.

No matter how you swing it or how much so-called feminists deny it, most women want to be protected, cherished and loved by men. It is a natural instinct of the fairer sex. The natural instinct of the man is to be protective, gentle and loving towards his woman. Any woman who says they don’t want that is lying through their teeth. If that were true, then explain to me why millions upon millions of women the world over read romance novels like their life depends on it. It’s not just the romance that attracts them. It’s the MEN in those romance novels. Men they can’t find or have in real life because they are rare in today’s age - men of honour, chivalry, integrity, strength, courage, honesty and a true gentlemen’s character. It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If those men stepped out of these romance novels, there isn’t a woman alive, feminists or not, who would not want them.

The truth is, many women find it hard to love men they cannot admire nor respect. Men of today have no breeding, manners, class or style. They are generally crude, crass and unappealing. Men of today do not know how to be real Men. That is the sad truth and because of this most women have to go it alone. There is such a thing as having a broken heart at not being able to find someone suitable.

Men nowadays have the same lament as the women. They too cannot find a suitable woman. The women have become too manly and aggressive, damn feminism. Unfortunately, the men can’t and don’t drown their sorrows in romance novels, but in drink or porn. Not a good choice. Neither is it attractive.

The man needs to be man and woman needs to be woman. That is the natural order of things. Put it right between yourselves.

“His lowest calling is to ambush
and force his way into the life of a woman.”

The first thing that came to mind was rape, abuse and taking advantage, sexual or otherwise. A man’s role is to protect and when you abuse this trust, you destroy any hope between yourself and women in general. Ultimately, you destroy yourself, you just don’t know it yet.

Sex has been used as a weapon against humanity to derail your spiritual evolution, the family and home, and the natural order of relationships between men and women. Unfortunately, humanity fell for it. The perpetrators knew that women were the bedrock of a good society, a good family and of good men. So they set out to destroy women and therefore society, family and men. What was presented as a gift to women - emancipation, sexual liberation - was in fact a trojan horse to destroy your happiness.

They are now pushing homosexuality as the in-thing. Since they were successful in destroying women and the women themselves are now carried away by the momentum of their own destruction, they are now focusing on the men. Beware and be aware. If you resist, you will be accused of being homophobic.

Today’s society celebrates sexual emancipation, but to their detriment. They just don’t know it yet, or do they? Some men have finally realised too late and are suffering for it. They try to compensate by looking for Asian women who embody the traditional feminine role. The women are still clueless, trying to work it out and/or trying to make excuses for it while still trying to get what their natural instincts demand.

Unfortunately for the women, whether you want to admit it or not, now you are just sex. No one respects you. You are no longer Woman.

As for the men, you have become a means to an end. You have been relegated to a tool, to becoming nanny-men. You are no longer Man.

If there is any hope of saving what is left, both men and women have to come to their senses and realise how deeply manipulated they have been and try to overcome the brainwashing aka mind control.

You can’t have it both ways.