I am a fixer. A spiritual fixer.

When someone comes to me with a problem, what I do might involve neutralizing negative forces, correcting the problem in other ways and help resolve their issues via prayer. I use mystical prayers from my spiritual lineage.

All problems are either self-created, karmic or the consequences and/or influences of negative forces that most people are unaware of or refuse to acknowledge. Every negative situation affects your karma. When I resolve an issue, it improves your karma and your future.

I deal with impossible situations and circumstances, overwhelming problems that people cannot find a way out of or resolve on their own.

Lord Shiva’s Spiritual Lineage

I was initiated into Lord Shiva’s spiritual lineage many years ago. It is one of the most revered spiritual lineages in India. Its spiritual masters are so incredible the sun pales beside them.

Mahavatar Babaji

Babaji is the greatest siddha the world has ever known. He is also my spiritual master. He appeared to me many times in dreamtime, once to give me darshan and the other times to help me. He is an amazing spiritual master. I can’t praise Him enough.

Some examples of issues people may come to me for help with.


Any kind of money problems. Fraud.
Legal issues and money disputes.


Struggling to make the business successful? Want to get more clients or customers? Fraud. Legal problems.

Black Magick

To neutralise any black magick done on someone or in some place.

Demons / Possession

To remove demonic possession from a person or place.
Any demonic activity.


Unexplained phenomena and entities.
Poltergeist activity. Hauntings.


Some people have a really tough karma. They struggle all the time and seem to be lurching from one crisis to another. Other than karma, there may be other reasons as well - demonic influences or external attacks.

Personal Energetics

Everyone is born with energies and other influences that do not belong to them. These energies are absorbed from their parents and the people around them while they were in the womb. The problem with these unwanted energies and influences is two-fold. First, you are not truly yourself. You are an amalgamation of many people’s energies.It is very important to be yourself, standing in your own energies, in your own power and strength.

Secondly, they affect you mentally and emotionally. Teenagers feel them most when they enter puberty and they are trying to find themselves. The unwanted energies and influences create conflicts within the person and most times it takes years for the person to reach any kind of stability.

Childhood trauma, rape or abuse. If the person was conceived through rape, then it is imperative to remove all energies that do not belong to them - the rapist father and the mother’s traumatic energetics. If not, they will never truly heal due to the presence of the energies. It is the same for those who suffered childhood abuse. Whether or not the abuse was at the hands of a parent or parents, or a relative or strangers, it is crucial to remove those energetics for total healing.

NGOs / Charities 

In the past when I prayed for the world, I privately dealt with various issues that NGOs and charities were involved in.


Conflicts between couples, with your children, family members, colleagues, friends, relatives and people in general.
Unhappy family life. Saving a marriage. Infidelity. Stalking. Domestic abuse.


Nowadays it is very difficult to find a compatible partner. We all need companionship, to love and be loved. Many people are unhappy because they cannot find someone suitable. Let me help you find that special someone.


Nightmares. Behavourial and disciplinary problems. Rebelliousness. Difficulties in studying.

Job / Work / Career

Difficulties in finding a job. Problems at work. Conflicts with colleagues. Career issues. Career going nowhere.
Overlooked for a promotion.

Inner Problems

Mental and emotional issues, depression, anger and various other inner problems. Childhood trauma and/or abuse. 

Health / Healing / Diseases / Illnesses

An illness that doctors can’t find the cause for is almost always either a spiritual illness due to toxic accumulation of negative energies or it could be coming from a negative external source. Healing. Drugs. Alcoholism.

Infertility / Pregnancy

The causes of infertility can be karmic and not exclusively biological. It can also be spiritual. If it is a spiritual cause, the issue may not be solvable because you can’t go against spiritual law.
A difficult or delicate pregnancy that needs a helping hand.

Spiritual Life

In this day and age, it is very difficult for a person to focus exclusively on their spiritual life. Those who get to do that are very, very lucky. That was the grace of their karma. Spiritual life is a lot harder and more difficult than material life, but if you are strongly inclined and wish to enter a monastery, convent, temple or ashram permanently, I can try to help make it possible. Absolutely no promises, but be warned, this is not an excuse to escape your present life. I will know because the spirits will inform me.

I would be extremely selective about who I do this for. Out of 1,000 people who ask, I may only help one or no one. This is because changing a person’s karma is a big thing and cannot be done lightly. If I were to do this for someone and the person wasted the opportunity, it would be very bad for them. Remember - karma, karma, karma.